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napowrimo day 30

Last day of NaPoWriMo! After this I will idea if I'll post everything online tho.

Prompt 1

the last five seconds
of a love story
are always cut

Todd's Eol Eum's idea. I stole it. I also used poems that weren't published online, but written this was a total of...52 poems, not including this one. Fifty two is a good number, kukuku...

napowrimo 29

Prompt1 - take from several headlines, create a poem out of them. ('Survivor' Black Holes May Be Mid-Sized; Largest Atlas of Nuclear Galactic Rings Unveiled; Galaxy Merger Dilemma Solved; Supermassive Black Holes Strip Massive Galaxies of Star-Forming Gases; Have Black Holes Been Turning Up the Volume on the Cosmic Radio Background?; From astronomy section.)

merging galaxies
excuse me,
i was just passing by
i seem to be in love with you?

as i:
i think we’re one.
if you must go,
leave me with a ring.

Prompt2 search images for a form of poetry, write a poem in that form related to the picture. i can't even tell wtf this is, some sort of 'seguidilla' stanzas. i searched 'antistrophe,' since it sounded cool.

i am the measurement of motion.
i am the method
of movement. the transient,
eternal hybrid--

i am the inborn symptoms--
the inherent flaws
i am the bane of being--
the eternal clause

i am the proof of passing--
marking growth of life
i am the center of both
permanence and strife.

napowrimo 28

what you are seeing now has no meaning.

a collection of letters
combining into words
translating into noises
gaining their meaning

that is, after becoming
via your head

sight has nothing to do with it—
words have nothing to do with it—
sounds [the perceivable ones]
have nothing to do with it—

this is
           a collection of noises:

when hummed,
                      universally meaningless.